SailGP Active Water Bottle

Introducing the SailGP Active Water Bottle, a sustainable choice for eco-conscious individuals. Crafted from sugarcane-based biobased polyethylene, this water bottle not only helps reduce plastic waste but also has a positive impact on the environment.

The production process of sugarcane-based materials involves capturing CO2 from the air as the plant grows, effectively reducing carbon emissions. With every bottle made, double its weight in CO2 is removed from the atmosphere, making it a powerful eco-friendly choice.

Stay hydrated while making a difference with the SailGP Active Water Bottle, where sustainability meets functionality. Join us in protecting our planet, one sip at a time.

This bottle is made of 100% biobased material from sugarcane, made in Europe. The sugarcane is processed to produce molasses. Aside from sugar, this can also be made into ethylene. This is processed into ethynol products such as polyethylene. This way of making ethynol products is much cleaner than the conventional method with petroleum. In short, sugarcane produces a perfect product that is 100% recyclable, and we use it to make bottles.