Bermuda Grand Prix Local Artist Design - Alshanté Foggo

Local artist Alshante Foggo designed a stunning piece of artwork ahead of the Bermuda Sail Grand Prix presented by Hamilton Princess, to be used on exclusive SailGP event merchandise.

Foggo, a Bermuda native, created an image inspired by the history and culture of the island, which was founded in 1609 by survivors of the wreckage of theSea Venture. Bermuda’s heritage is steeped in sailing, and Foggo’s design - which is available on T-shirts, hoodies and tote bags - reflects this and is the perfect complement to your sailing kit.

Foggo’s design depicts two boats as they glide through the waves, each bearing a key symbol of Bermudian culture on the front. One features a Gombey dancer, historically discriminated against due to the transatlantic slave trade, and the other a Longtail, the iconic symbol of Bermuda. The Gombey were forced to wear masks as a form of protection during the 1600s yet over time have come to epitomise Bermudian persistence, vibrance and strength, while the Longtail is native to Bermuda, living across the island in the limestone cliffs.

Foggo’s work asserts the idea that sailing is both the past and also the future of the tropical island. The Gombey and the Longtail, such important cultural symbols, grow upwards from the boats, the naval foundation Bermudian life was built upon.

The vibrant artwork designed by Foggo is available on a short sleeve, unisex crew neck T-shirt and on soft, cotton-blend hoodies. Both apparel options feature the beautiful image which recognises the important naval heritage of the tropical island.

SailGP’s Bermuda Sail Grand Prix merchandise also includes tote bags, as well as a framed and mounted event print.