Great Britain Grand Prix Local Artist Design - Emma Beavis

Four esteemed judges conducted a SailGP competition to design merchandise for the Great Britain Sail Grand Prix - with a student winning the illustrious honour! Emma Beavis, who studies at the University of Plymouth, the host city of the Great BritainSGP, stunned with her powerful portrayal of the strength of the ocean and nature as a whole.

This competition was judged upon seven key themes, all of which Beavis successfully delivered. She produced artwork that proved to be versatile and sophisticated, showing off our F50 catamaran, whilst also celebrating all the ocean has to offer.

Beavis explained that for inspiration she watched SailGP races and “was immediately captured by the motion and strength of the boats”, being in awe of the tense competition and speed. It was this, in combination with a desire to explore “the biodiversity of the sea” and “marine life” that contributed to Beavis’ win and final illustration.

Beavis also noted the strength of the teams on board, saying “their body language was dynamic and strong as they moved across the boat”. She wanted to “offer recognition of how they work in harmony with the ocean”.

Her work serves as insight into the artistic potential and skill prevalent across youth in addition to how essential nature is in all that we do. This is best summarised by Beavis herself who said that we are “powered by nature and guided by man - a sustainable collaboration”.

Her work can be seen on SailGP’s Great Britain Sail Grand Prix merchandise. You can buy a cotton unisex crew neck T-shirt, in either grey or light blue, or a soft and cozy white cotton sweatshirt. This is the perfect apparel to don as you watch SailGP’s cutting-edge sail racing.