Taranto Grand Prix Local Artist Design - Sten.Lex

Artists Sten and Lex have become notorious worldwide for their complex stencil artistry, and this year, for the Italy Sail Grand Prix, the Italian street artists have created a design inspired by SailGP’s F50 catamaran.

Sten.Lex became popular around the globe due to their work with stencils, explaining this is “because it was an easy way to create simplified portraits with just one colour”, and as street artists they could use stencils “very fast on the street”. Since then, Sten.Lex have “tried to find all the possibilities that the technique could give”, they explained in an interview with SailGP.com.

For the Italy Sail Grand Prix merchandise, Sten.Lex collaborated with SailGP to celebrate the power of nature and sport, with the F50 an integral part of this. It is the F50, powered solely by wind, that enables this sport to take place all around the world.

The monochromatic image shows four boats gliding through the waves. Sten.Lex create a contrast between the block boats in the background and the short lines in the foreground. This attracts attention to the F50, shown to be an extension of the water, powered by nature’s elements.

In doing so, Sten.Lex succeed in capturing the “essence of this competition”, whilst also celebrating Taranto, Lex’s hometown and host city for the Italy sail Grand Prix.

The F50 inspired Sten.Lex collection is available on organic cotton unisex crew neck T-shirts, in either black or white. White sweatshirts, made from a blend of cotton and recycled polyester, are also for sale. Both would make the perfect addition to anyone’s sailing gear!